Vetrina Libri : The return of the Little Prince

The return of the Little Prince

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"The Little Prince" has certainly left a strong mark in those who have read it. It has been an illuminating motivation for the imagination and sensitivity of whole generations. The author of 'The Return of the Little Prince' says: " what I felt then, was the end of that sentiment of solitude and diversity. Somewhere there was someone else who, like me, had the need to look at sunsets, something which he could not renounce to ... ". This is the story of a very strange clochard which was written in 2020 by one of the characters in the short story who, towards the end of the Twentieth Century was a witness to the passing days of an old hobo who lived right under the window of his flat in Paris. In these pages you will find out why the writer tells this story only twenty years after it happened and also why this old clochard is called the 'Little Prince'.
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The return of the Little Prince
José Cavalieri
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